Don't forget these are broad topics! You still need to narrow your ideas down and write a thesis about your topic. Ask your teacher or Ms. Kelley about how to make your topic more specific. Be sure to know--is your paper informative or persuasive?

Try Public Agenda Online for more topics. This site keeps people up-to-date on the issues affecting us today. It will also link you articles you can use in your research paper. (Great for a persuasive essay or speech!)

Hint: Write about something you are interested in!

Current Events

Presidential Primaries
Ban on Smoking in Public Place in Illinois
Violence in Kenya
Closure of Highway 40
Internet Bullying
Assassination of Benazir Bhutto
Prayer in Schools / Illinois Moment of Silence Law
Television Writer's Strike
Middle East Conflict
Jobs Overseas
Difference between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama
Republican Candidates for President
North Korea's Nuclear Program
Rebuilding New Orleans
Cell Phones and Driving
Security in Schools
Junk Food in Schools

Social Issues

Women as Catholic Priests
Dress Codes in High Schools
Teen Alcoholism
Eating Disorders
Same-sex Marriage
Oversea Adoptions
Reverse Discrimination
Prayer in School
Teachers Responsibility for Student Academic Achievement
Segregated Colleges
Drug-Testing for High School Athletes
Boot Camps for Juvenile Offenders
Thin Fashion Models
Teen Pregnancy


Genocide in Rwanda
Loch Ness Monster
Lost Boys of Sudan
The Caucus System vs. Primary System
Presidential Pardons

Science / Health

Stem Cell Research
Global Warming
Invitro Fertilization
Acid Rain
Eating Disorders