Need help finding a topic?

Databases: Get the passwords at the circulation desk!

  • Ebsco Your first choice for finding articles. Good for all your research needs.
  • FirstSearch : Another database that contains books, magazine articles and much more!
  • Library Catalog: Start looking for and ordering books from here. Have your library barcode ready!
  • Career Cruising: All the information you need about your future career.
  • No password needed. Finds articles from a variety of print resources and puts them at your fingertips. Select "free articles" at the top of th page.

Works Cited / Bibliography

  • [Warning: May be considered a cheat!] This great site allows you to enter publication information on multiple sources and then creates a custom works cited page. You can have the list emailed, printed out or even saved for later. As a bonus, it shows you how to create a parenthetical citation. This works best for your most basic needs.
  • [Warning: May be considered a cheat!] This site allows you to add a lot more information to you ciation. If you have a lot of information to be included in your citation, this is a better choice. However, this program only allows you to cut and paste your information into a document. It doesn't create a works cited page, just individual entries.
  • MLA Formatting from The OWL at Purdue: This site will answer all your questions about MLA documenation, even citing websites.

Still got questions? Email Ms. Kelley!