A new online community devoted to promoting young adult fiction by African-American authors and illustrators.

LibraryThing: Create a catalog of the books you own, would like to read or are reading. Kind of a MySpace for readers!

Readergirlz: Celebrating strong girls in books who've got the guts to dream.

Guys Read.com: Looking for a good book but don't want something too girly? Check out this site to find books recommended by guys for guys.

Dictionary.com: Use this site to find all kinds of reference materials including an online dictionary, encyclopedia and thesaurus.

Del.icio.us: Want to take your bookmarks with you wherever you go? Try social bookmarking!

You can use these databases from home! See Ms. Kelley for passwords.
Ebsco--Your first choice for research papers. Use this database to find magazine and newspaper articles, educational articles and whatever you need for primary sources.
FirstSearch--This databse can search libraries statewide, including books.